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Better Versions

by Tara Vaughan

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Till Death 04:49
please sir don't you walk away, don't you walk away, don't you walk away it's been a long, hard day and please sir don't you take me, don't you take me seriously i can't be held responsible for what this running mouth will say sometimes, so lost in my mind, i get hard to find, get so hard to find so adept at running away well i am a girl who has it out for this whole damned world while you're the sugar that makes this bitter pill easier to take but i get so tired of this tangled everyday so tired of this continued fall from grace i wanna love you like a tim burton movie, baby blushing corpses, these piles of shaking bones bodies fragile but these souls are too tough till death do us part ain't enough please sir won't you take my hand, try to understand, won't you understand i'm not going away misleading portraits of a carefree youth, well i know the truth, oh i surely do i'll love you more with wise old age when your hair turns grey when your gout kicks in, i'll always stay when your eyes get tired, and you're running out of plans they'll never pry you from these cold dead hands
Temp Savior 03:22
cold floor pushing feet, waiting on a shower that leaks lukewarm your own bed, so warm and so far passing up on subtleties, you're acting like someone will take you away-- outlook's not too good today moved in three months ago, bushy tailed, guitar in tow but you're still living out of boxes on the floor when does this place become home? and you're looking at me like you're gonna find some meaning well honey i hate to break ya but everything around here is fleeting and i'll find a way, but it won't be pretty we gotta figure out which something is missing but for now, i can't be too sure so i'll be back and forth between these temporary saviors feet kicked up on the front porch, late in the afternoon fall is slowly slipping in, an excitement simmering beneath this still-summer skin and you say i'm just feeling reckless, fall in boston makes me restless well nonetheless, there's something venom in this light that's fading and you're looking at me like you're gonna find some meaning well honey i hate to break ya but this is real blood i'm bleeding said i'm waking up and breaking down, we're all just marching toward the ground with bittersweet loves and glories this can't be my body, no this is not my face this is not my life, forget this time and place
you meet me at the station, i'm stopping in on my way back up to boston a one night engagement, i'm only passing through your cologne smells the same, you're dressing better but still smile like you mean it you remind me of the old you, i smile like i mean it too i smile 'cause i mean it, too and here comes the part where you remember how good it is to know me walking in the dark this thick, sweet night here comes the silence because we both know this won't last forever that too-familiar silence, it happens every time and the sun's coming up but i'd spend the morning with you my flight's in the morning but i'd miss it if you asked me to oh the sun's coming up but we're living by the streetlights it's always stop, baby go when we say good morning goodbye start from the outside, we'll work our way back to the middle you remind me that letting go can be alright did i forget my passport? you seem offended but you find it in my suitcase now we're driving to the airport in the almost-light don't give in to this changing sky, just hold me close while the world goes by throw your arms 'round my body, i wanna feel you breathe don't let me leave we get my bags from the trunk, and you remind me that my passport's in my pocket you kiss me on the forehead, and i say 'thanks for the ride'
i have bled all that was left in me, 'til i had nothing at all always felt like i was waiting on something something missing from a sepia dream i'd known so well i have shed all that was weighing me down, faced the day weary soul simplified still i wondered if there was something more than what i had something outside of a life i'd built to be mine but what you do to me is something new completely sunshine at my side, can i tell you what it's like to sit still in a state of beautiful motion i'd say anything just to see you smile your captive audience all the while, i am for you only i would give all that i have taken just to watch your chest rise and fall wise men say only fools rush in but wiser women have been fools for lesser things and what you do to me, it's crazy and i know the day is cold as it is long there's not much money made in me singing silly love songs but the winter settles down and the sun lingers on and i will keep, i will keep you love in my arms i will keep you love in my arms
don't break, just find me back at the beginning before you'd take the best of me, the best of me cold hands, traitor heart frantically beating you were, like the summer, warm but fleeting how you'd change to me, how you'd change me those days, my mouth was like a loaded gun and i'd swear i could fall in love with anyone but i know now, you're not anyone you say we'll be better when we're older but your benevolent words don't compete with your endless supply of cold shoulder oh, can't wait on each others' better verisons though it kills me to think of walking away now someday you're gonna chalk me up to experience but you were a big one, just so you know don't shake, just trace the story here on my arms ache to hold you, to feel your skin on mine, but there's never enough time and i'd try to cut these lines that run so deep but your eyes alone would bring me to my knees there's just nothing i can do, when it all comes back to you say we'll be better when we're older but while you keep my body warm, my heart gets colder can't keep, can't keep on like this love me now or let me let go
Stay 04:12
two things i have to say before i go it's those three little words that always jump right out my throat four long years i've spent here, in the shadow of us wondering if you really were the one now that i've put words to it, it's all crashing down this rental house turned cold battleground quite uncertain if i do or i don't when it comes to you my greener grass is always blue how do i know that i'm not just biding my days how can you say that your happiness won't stand in mine's way all i can tell from here is that it hurts when you leave, when you leave so stay don't stop, tell me i'm wrong again don't know why doubt over comfort is what i'm pulled to defend falling in the cracks, don't tell me to relax it's not your life to waste as near as i've come to perfect, but i'm so scared of being stunted being stilled by absence of perspective want to freeze this as it is, come back for front porches and kids but everything changes, we're both changing how do i know if i'll ever think it's the right way how can you say that you'll feel the same for always i'll just be wondering quietly if you stay, if you stay so leave
you're almost broken these scattered words are falling out my mouth now like pinpricks to your skin the ones left unspoken are the only thing that keep us pushing back and forth searching for frayed ends and i know, i know, i know, i know i don't want to miss you when you're gone so i'm holding on like the worn-out latch on your slammed door and these foolish scars we wear like badges of honor 'cause we'd both suffer forever with the hope of one beautiful day still we'll never learn to say what we're really thinking each conflict avoided, each word saved up turning over in my hands 'til it's too late to have any meaning i'm almost faded, and each shot that goes down gives a license to my mouth wouldn't have said it better, anyhow still i know, i know, i know, i know i don't want to be the one who tears you down next time, i'll think twice before i keep my mouth closed i'll get it right before this bottle gets it wrong for me this fight is my own device, born of my own foolish pride i say next time i'll stop there, and i swear i'd get down on my knees but i never do a thing


released March 1, 2011

All songs by Tara Vaughan

Alexander Koutzoukis - Producer, Mixing Engineer
Alex Green - Assistant Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Tara Vaughan - Vocals, Piano
Charlie Laubacher - Guitar
Michael Bean - Bass
Zach Camara - Drums
Penn Rosen - Harmony Vocals (on Stay)
Alex Green - Background Vocals
Alexander Koutzoukis - Background Vocals
Loretta Allen - Background Vocals
Lo Barreiro - Background Vocals

Cover artwork by Ryan Tantillo


all rights reserved



Tara Vaughan Omaha, Nebraska

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